Medical Records

Patients or other requestors of medical record information requiring authorization of release may inquire of the status of the release by contacting our partner, DataFile Technologies. They may be contacted by any of the three following methods:

By phone at the DataFile ROI Contact Center by calling 816-437-9134

By email at the DataFile ROI Contact Center by emailing to:

By website at the DataFile Internet Inquiry for ROI Contact Center by going to Use the ‘Check Records Request Status’ via

Medical Release Form Open/Print

Business Office Forms

Financial Policy Open/Print

Disability and FMLA Forms

We are pleased to assist you in completing your Disability and FMLA forms. Be advised there will be a 10 business day processing time frame, as well as a processing fee based on the type of form. Please fax this completed form to 205-879-7061.

Disability/FMLA FormOpen/Print

Patient Portal

BGA’s patient portal allows you to access your health information easily and 24/7. Through the patient portal you can:

Message your Provider (Example: Please send me my test results.)

Request Medication Renewals

Pay Your Bill

Review your lab results-Effective 2/27/17, patients can view lab results through the portal, once your physician has reviewed and approved them for posting. (This will impact lab results received February 27, 2017 and after.) Please allow a little time for labs to become available to you; the turn-around-time should within a few days of your labs being collected, depending on the type of lab result (some tests take longer than others to process). To assist you with understanding your lab results, we are providing a link about lab tests that you can use to decipher your lab reports.

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