A Gluten Guide: What to know about celiac disease

by Cotton Shallcross, MD view pdf version Grocers are finding “gluten-free” foods to be profitable products in 2015. Some shoppers assume non-gluten options are guaranteed-good-for-you,equating them with fat-free and sugar-free benefits. However, medical professionals urge families to make careful, informedchoices about gluten foods, based on their physicians’ advice. “There are a lot of people who… Read More »

Atypical Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

By: David J. Landy, MD, Birmingham Gastroenterology Associates Atypical GERD is a subset of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and is a common problem seen by gastroenterologists in private practice. Garden variety GERD is one of the most common diagnoses that we see. The prevalence of GERD in the western world is reported to be between… Read More »

Excitement Brewing for BGA’s Dr. Rajat Parikh

Though “medicine” and “micro-brewery” may be near one another in a dictionary, for most people the two words are not a combination of pursuits that immediately come to mind. But Rajat Parikh, MD is having significant success with both. To read the full article at Birmingham Medical News, click here.

Eosinophilic Esophagitis Diagnosis on the Rise

By: Rajat N. Parikh, MD Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) has been more and more frequently diagnosed in young adults at Birmingham Gastroenterology Associates in recent years. EoE is defined as a chronic immune/antigen-mediated esophageal disease characterized clinically by symptoms related to esophageal dysfunction and histologically by eosinophil-predominant inflammation. EoE was a diagnosis discovered in the early… Read More »

Fuse – The Newest and Most Advanced Technology in Colonoscopes

by Kenneth M. Sigman, M.D. Colonoscopy has proven its worth over the past 40 or more years. It is clearly the best test for screening for colon cancer and detecting and removing pre-cancerous polyps. Multiple longitudinal studies have confirmed that removing these polyps significantly reduces the incidence of colon cancer. Colonoscopes, and their imaging qualities,… Read More »

Hepatitis C 101 – What you need to know

By: Rishi K. Agarwal, MD What is hepatitis? Hepatitis is a general term for inflammation of the liver, which can occur from a number of different sources including toxins, medications, heavy alcohol use, and viruses. Hepatitis C (HCV) is the most common viral hepatitis in the US with an estimated 3.2 million individuals with chronic… Read More »

Non-Surgical Solutions for Anorectal Disorders

By: Rajat N. Parikh, MD Anorectal disorders consist of a vast array of diagnoses and are common; however, patients affected remain undiagnosed and undertreated. Most common in these group of disorders are rectal bleeding from internal hemorrhoids, anal pain and constipation from anal fissures, and fecal incontinence. Internal hemorrhoid banding for rectal bleeding is a… Read More »

Shining a Light on the Pancreas

By: Kenneth M. Sigman, MD Mention the pancreas to most non-medical people and you will get a questioning stare. Most do not know where it is, its functions or the diseases that can affect it. Mention the pancreas to most medical professionals and the reactions will most likely be dread and fear of its disease… Read More »