We have provided the following videos and instructions to assist you with the portal registration and use process:

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Frequently Asked Questions and Account Issues

Effective 2/27/17, patients can view lab results through the portal, once your physician has reviewed and approved them for posting. (This will impact lab results received February 27, 2017 and after.) Please allow a little time for labs to become available to you; the turn-around-time should within a few days of your labs being collected, depending on the type of lab result (some tests take longer than others to process). Click the My Health tab, and then the Results tab. Locate the lab work you’re interested in seeing the results of under the Value or Range columns. You may also be able to view details of your lab results by clicking on the document icon under the Options column. To assist you with understanding your lab results, go to https://labtestsonline.org/understanding/

No information indicates you are not connected to BGA FollowMyHealth. To pull your information into your account, you will need to go back to the email invitation you received when you signed up. Click on the link to FollowMyHealth to open the login screen. Click on the Add this Connection button. Log into the account you created and enter your invitation code. Once your invitation code is entered, you will be connected to FollowMyHealth and able to view your medical information.

Your account security code should be your year-of-birth.

Your FollowMyHealth information comes directly from your electronic medical record at our office. Ask your doctor to correct any inaccurate information. Send us a portal message regarding any discrepancies, call your provider, or ask about it at your next appointment.

Keep track of a loved one’s upcoming appointments, medications, etc. by becoming a Proxy Account Manager. By obtaining proxy access to your child, spouse or dependent adult’s health data, you can easily access their information from your own patient portal account.
Check out this link for more information: http://support.followmyhealth.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1136643-set-up-adult-to-adult-authorized-individual-proxy-access

With FollowMyHealth, any adult can grant another adult access to his or her account. Your spouse or loved one needs to log into FollowMyHealth and go to Preferences under “My Account” in the top right corner of the page. Choose “Invite a Proxy” and follow the steps. You may grant others either read-only access or full access, which allows your proxy to interact on your behalf including making appointments and messaging your physicians.

To request a connection to more than one healthcare organization, log in to your established portal account, and in the top right corner, click My Account > Connections > Add Connection. Search the zip code or name of the organization you wish to retrieve your records from. When you find the organization you wish to connect to, click Connect. Finally, accept the Release of Information. You will receive an email notification as soon as your health record data is available.

Have a question for your doctor regarding your health? Want to avoid call wait times or phone tag? Message your doctor by clicking on the Inbox tab, and then hit Compose. Select the name of the provider you wish to correspond with, and write your message—just like email!

View upcoming appointments, or schedule your next appointment online from the Home screen of your portal account. To schedule, click Request, and simply choose the organization and provider you wish to see. Next pick the day(s) of the week that work best for you, as well as the time of day. Give your care team a reason for your appointment, then click Submit. Your care team will contact you with available appointment times to secure your new appointment.

Save time by renewing your prescription medications when it’s convenient for you. Click the My Health tab, and then the Medications tab. Locate the medication you wish to renew, and under Options, click on the pill bottle icon. Feel free to leave your doctor a comment regarding this medication, then hit Send. Your doctor or care team will contact you when your prescription has successfully been renewed.

Email us at portal@bgapc.com. Inquiries about medical records, billing, or other non-portal issues cannot be processed through this email address. Please call the practice at 205-271-8000 regarding non-portal inquiries.

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